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Left - Rishauna Zumberg

I worked with a glass of water, measurements with a yellow measuring tape, and embodying the feel of water lapping around the island.  For many improvisations preceding the filming, I was focused on the dimensions of a jail cell (6 feet by 9 feet) and I would mark that amount of space in my living room, exploring ways of measuring with my body, and how I might fit in those parameters as well as what I might be able to do in that space. I also considered the element of measuring water levels, sea-level rise, and the containment of water.

Right - Irene Hsi

What does the island want? Where does it begin and end? A person resting on the sand and seeing. Planting newness in an act of reclamation. Swinging open. The island as it is known by seabirds.

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